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Harley Slade is a Rad Kid.

Posted in Artist Agent: Anna Bonthoux, NOBsessed with:, Rad Kid: Harley Slade, U F*@kin' NOB on April 8, 2010 by nobasura

I scouted Harley Slade outside Havana on Commercial Drive when he was 13.  He was wearing a white dress shirt , a bolo tie and had long these bangs that kept falling in his eyes. Not in a Justin Bieber sort of way, more like a miniature Johnny Depp.   He was standing in front of a matte black Ford Fairlaine 500 with his blond little sister and his Dad, who introduced himself as Midnight.  Midnight told me Harley was the Prince of the Lowbrow Art Scene,  a painter with his first sole exhibition coming up.  If I was in grade 8 at that exact moment, it would have been love.  Harley is managed by our friends Tania London and Kelly James at entourage talent. He’s 18 now and besides his acting career, Harley is an Artist who’s interests include taxidermy, skateboarding, making jewelery out of tiny animal skulls that  he finds in the plains of Ashcroft and is currently rebuilding a ’57 Chevy pickup…He also has  2 of the raddest parents ever, Anja and Shawn aka Midnight Slade.

Harley Slade is the ORIGINAL Rad Kid.