I met Leon LaPointe in art class on the first day of grade 7.  He was wearing a brown linty sweater and glasses with lenses that tinted darker when he was in the sunlight but never seemed to lighten back up again.  He looked like a 12 year old jazz musician.  Leon was talking to himself and drawing a billion tiny aliens maiming a billion tiny aliens on a piece of photocopy paper with a black fine tip Sharpie.  He introduced me to punk music and I introduced him to 90’s super models, we started smoking at the smoke pit at lunch and hanging out at the mall.  We hung out and even lived together a few times with a bunch of deadbeats, until one day Leon moved to Taiwan to teach English.

Last Christmas, Jon and I had the rare opportunity to have 6 pints with him and his lovely wife  Vanessa at an Irish Pub in Chilliwack.  Not much had changed, the glasses are long smashed but he still smokes, and still draws billions of tiny aliens, and still talks to himself…but just a little.

He drew these for NOBASURA.

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