After 10+ years of teaching English in Taipei, Leon and his wife finally moved to Orchid Island off of the coast of Taiwan, back to the fishing village where Vanessa grew up.  They bought a van and sell fresh sandwiches and Belgian beers to tourists who don’t know what  a sandwich is.  He scoots to the airport to buy bread a few times a week.  They beach bum, surf and fish.  Leon draws posters for Taiwanese bands and music festivals and drinks with the elders and neighboring tribes.

“I love my life out here, never have grown tired of it… I am tired of the city… Its like living in 40 Vancouver is piled up on each other in Taipei.  Me and my English blokey mate, wanna buy a car in Canada one day and drive it to the arctic circle and then burn it on an Indian reserve… he is like me in a lot of ways , fascinated by Injuns and their alcoholic fucked up ways… we love them… his wife is from a tribe of Taiwanese Headhunters  called the Atayal tribe, they tattooed their faces and lopped off skulls back in the 19th century…gotta go eat a fish I caught…write more later.”

I am happy my buddy found his lot in life.  One day we’ll visit them, eat sandwiches and drink Belgian beer, fish, surf and make rad posters.

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