Hola Amigos…

This 1 day workshop is dedicated to the freelance artist currently working in the field as well as emerging talent interested in an introduction to the “freelance game”.

The topics to be covered are;

-Where to start.
-Building professional momentum.
-Developing a seamless portfolio that will get your work noticed.
-Developing beauty stories for print.
-Local vs. Global; How to keep your work relevant to larger markets.
-Product sponsors; Where to find them and how to keep them.
-Putting together the right creative teams for each project.
-Who’s shooting what in the city.
-Agency representation.

*Throughout the day there will also be a series of makeup demonstrations illustrating certain points regarding beauty stories and keeping your work ahead of the curve.

We’ve chosen Grace Gallery to host this event as it’s only fitting that we’re in a venue that reinforces the importance of understanding the balance between the creation of artwork and the business of artwork…and also because The Narrow is a great place for an after-party.

The number of available seats will be limited due to the size of the venue, the need for informal discussion of the topics
and also the desire to keep the content a little more exclusive.

Please contact or 778 989 4102 for rates and info.



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